Update 11/19/13

Geniuses Agenda We finally agreed on an agenda for Geniuses. The script is still in progress, and the agenda roughly follows the plot. Below is a link for the download to the agenda. If you are too lazy to download it, we have pasted the agenda below. geniuses_agenda.docx File Size: 14 kb File Type: docx…

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November 19, 2013 | by

Update 11/5/13

This was a great meeting! Here is what we did today: Music from Ben Ben E presented his most recent creation: a soundtrack for Geniuses. We all approved that it was insanely well written. Awesome job, Ben! Keep up the good work! Bylaws and Positions Bennett presented his draft for the Waccamaw Film Club Bylaws.…

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November 5, 2013 | by