First Film Club Meeting

Progress! Tuesday, September 24, 2013 Welcome to P3NC1L, Christine Humowitz! We began outlining the plot of Geniuses. Aaron, David, Christine, and Bennett contributed the entirety of today’s progress towards the movie. Christine: your homework is to watch at least ONE P3NC1L video. A link is provided to download the .docx for the outline as of…

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Previously a Wikipedia Article

History On January 8, 2012, Daniel Williams and Bennett Meares together initiated a YouTube channel under the name P3NC1Lproductions. Upon connecting to a Google+ account, the name was reformatted to P3NC1L Productions. After a year in operation, Bennett Meares began work on an Android application for the company, and from these efforts arose the P3NC1L…

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September 22, 2013 | by

Stuff is happening!

Leaks! By thoroughly examining the intro, we noticed a clip of AARON GETTING SHOT IN THE FACE. We suspect this shot will be used in the upcoming “Homework Assignment” film. We are actually doing things We are making progress! Here is a list of things currently going on: 1. Bennett’s Awkward Attempts ep. 2 has…

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Meeting Details

Subscribe to our gaming channel! WE HAVE A GAMING CHANNEL! You can click the image to head over and check it out. For those who missed out on details, here is what we discussed. JAHBS!David – Play managerAaron – Graphic designer, potential Android enthusiast, Ubuntu enthusiastEthan – Scripter, co-director, marketing (public relations)Jonathan – Technical financesBen…

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What’s in the future of the BETA P3NC1L app?

As young as the P3NC1L BETA app is, I have witnessed a surprising amount of improvement. A few months back, I as a developer would have NEVER predicted the changes to be made. Given the astonishing rate of improvement, what else can come to this piece? I have a personal, short-term queue of additional features, but the…

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May 7, 2013 | by

BETA App v1.4.5

Great news! P3NC1L Productions BETA has been updated to 1.4.5! HUGE changes have been made.For example, David Gleaton has been integrated into the FIGHT TO THE DEATH P3NC1L GAME.You can change your character!! I would love to ramble on about its glory, but not a soul would fully interpret the work put into this app.——————————————UPDATE…

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May 6, 2013 | by

The Real Deal

We don’t spend much time messing around on this site. If you really want a taste of our abilities, simply visit our YouTube channel. Also, check out Bennett’s stuff And Madison Ellis We have an app and a whole ‘nother site. Feel free to explore!P.S. We have a Vault and maze/scavenger hunt that leads to…

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